The Vector Magnet MOKE

The Vector Magnet MOKE is a MOKE instrument with a magnet, where the field direction can be chosen freely in three dimensions. It is accomplished with a magnet consisting of four water-cooled dipole magnets centred around the sample. The maximum magnetic field in the principal directions is 0.92T. The magnet design principle follows that of a similar magnet built at ALS, LBNL. A chamber for ultra-high vacuum with six ports is included. Two of the ports are used for the MOKE instrument.

There are four unipolar 6 kW power supplies to excite the magnet. The electronic system includes polarity switches and switches for activation of shunts to be used for high-resolution setting of the currents at low fields.

The other electronics and MOKE components are the same as for the miniMOKE.

The first Vector Magnet MOKE was delivered to Daresbury Laboratory, UK.

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